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-Community Currency-Assign those committed to grass roots revival 100 serenity shares.
(This is their asset, vote, cooperative share,score, piece of the pie). Draw up your own constitution of rights and freedoms among yourselves. Keep it closed to those you trust.
-10 points for 1 hour work or equivalent. Make a list of what products and services each of you can offer. Commit to sharing those necessities. Global Cooperative. Starts with you first. Accept your local community currency and connect with others that are locally self sufficient. Unite as a Sovereign Nation of Children of the Light

01 01 2013



How you could be preparing for this growing season.
Locally gather a list of people who are interested in community gardening-Whether avid gardeners or eager students. Try local online message boards.
Try and find as many backyards and vacant lots that could manifest community gardens run on community currency and volunteer.
-Sweep the sand off the driveway, sidewalks and gutters and collect it for future gardening/yard tasks
- Rake dead matter off lawn and collect garbage/debris around your neighbourhood.
- Dig up your gardens and help your neighbours do the same. Liberty Gardens are back in style.
-Sow seeds on porch in grape crates/flats. Variety of containers are great for sowing seeds in potting soil. Cover with emergency blanket at night.
-cut back roses down to 3 to 5 inches where dead branches reside. Allow green shoots to blossom.
Basil- Positive qualities: Integration of sexuality and spirituality into a sacred wholeness.
Patterns of imbalance: Polarization of sexuality and spirituality, often leading to clandestine behavior or marital stress.
Sweet Basil is a religious herb associated with both Krishna and Vishnu. Hindus grow this herb to provide protection for the home and family. Any person in need of courage will benefit from Basil as it builds strength and helps one move forward in a positive manner. Basil is known for its quality of protecting the seeker from fears that one encounters when moving along a spiritual path and may bring protection to the seeker and their family as well.

The soul in need of Basil tends to polarize and separate the experience of spirituality and sexuality, believing that these cannot be integrated. This affliction is most evident in relationships where there is a compulsive need to seek sexual liaisons outside the main partnership. Quite often sexual activity is associated with that which is secret or sinful. There is also a very strong attraction to pornography and other forms of illicit or illegal sexuality. The soul feels great tension between the polarities of spiritual purity and physical sexuality.
In the unconscious struggle to reconcile these forces, the soul often capitulates to or becomes enmeshed in debasing and dehumanizing sexual activity. Once these polarities are brought together as a conscious unity, the soul no longer feels compelled to separate them into opposing and destructive activities. Basil flower essence helps the soul to experience the world and the Self as truly sacred and whole.
- as with many aromatic herbs, the plant has several health benefits, such as having antioxidant and anti-microbial properties.
Holy Basil for Depression and Panic Attacks- This herb is classified as an adaptogen, a substance that increases the body’s resistance to internal and external stress. Therefore, it makes sense that it would relieve panic attacks and depression.
Herbal Usages: - mild nervous disorders, dried leaves used as snuff (to be inhaled through the nose), which is said to cure nervous headaches. A drop of essential oil on your pillow (or a facecloth inside your pillowcase) will help insomnia and depression.
Works well for tired muscles, or wandering rheumatic pains. A poultice (a moist mass of bread, clay, meal or other adhesive base, combined with herbs and heated, spread on a cloth and placed on an inflamed or aching part of the body) helps to heal wounds because of its antibacterial properties.
Also said to cure warts, and is great for acne.
An infusion will help relieve gas and stomach pains, is said to stop vomiting and calm nausea. The infusion is also really good for chest infections, and bronchial troubles.
Great for repelling insects and treating bites. Associations: Mars; Scorpio; fire; masculine; kings; scorpions; leaving a leaf under a pot would turn into a scorpion
Magic(k)al Workings - powerful magic(k)s in the Craft, as it can be used for exorcism.
Sprinkled in each corner of all rooms in the home, and using in bathwater will exorcise negativity. Will bring good luck to a new home.
Mending lovers’ quarrels as well as being worn to encourage two people, who may be in danger of a big blow-out, to have sympathy for one another and avoid argument.
Used in charms hung or placed in vehicles for safe travel.
Leaves are carried in wallets to attract money, and aid in financial needs. Carried in pockets when gambling for luck, and sprinkled across the doorway of a business to encourage it to flourish.
To foretell the success of a relationship, place two leaves on a charcoal. If they separate while burning, the relationship will not work out. If they lay there quietly burning, the couple will be successful in their relationship. Sprinkling basil over a lovers’ heart keeps them faithful to you.
Basil incense is used for purification before ritual; can also be burned for vision quests. Juices are also used in flying ointments.
Lastly, many potions for love, health, money and protection are made with basil.
Italian Pesto
2 cups fresh Genovese (sweet) basil leaves
1/3 cup pine nuts or almond
3 cloves garlic (I like garlic)
1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
Pulse garlic with pine nuts in food processor. Add basil, and pulse again. While on, pour oil in steady stream into mixture, scraping down sides with spatula (don't let it hit the blades!). Add cheese and pulse until blended, with dash of salt and pepper.
home-made toner
2-3 tsp. dried basil leaves
1 cup boiling water.
Instructions: Steep 10-20 mins. Cool, and apply with cotton ball
basil vinegar- You fill a large jar with half white vinegar, half cider vinegar, then stuff it with purple basil and let it steep for a week. Strain it and pour the resulting gorgeous magenta vinegar into a pretty bottle with a few sprigs of fresh basil. Basil Vinaigrette:
4 Tablespoons neutral oil (such as canola or safflower)
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon red wine vinegar
1 Tablespoon finely chopped fresh basil (*see tip on how to chop basil)
1/2 teaspoon dijon mustard
pinch of salt
*Tip for cutting basil leaf: Take a few large basil leaves and roll them up together very tightly, as though rolling a cigar. With a sharp knife, cut through roll in thin strips. Chop up strips into smaller pieces.
Caprese Salad use tomatoes at their peak, good quality mozzarella and olive oil and fresh picked basil. Typically the tomatoes, basil and cheese are layered and then sprinkled with salt and drizzled with olive oil.

1. Laboratory - The laboratory inspects the quality of the natural perfume that is the main ingredient of incense sticks, makes research and development of new products, and carries out stringent control of the product smell.

2. Milling - Aloes and sandalwoods are crushed into powder.

3. Blending - About 10 different kinds of incense and dyes are blended with the original proportions.

4. Sieving - Mixed materials are made uniform in a mixer and put through a sieve to remove impurities.

5. Kneading - The materials are kneaded into clay-form materials. A single mass of the clay-form material is called "tama".

6. Extruding - "Tama" is pressed through a hydraulic extruder to shape sticks. They are extruded on a tray and cut into a fixed length.

7. Straightening - The sticks of incense are put on the board to be dried. In this process, the sticks that are not straight are removed while the rest of them are placed neatly.

8. Cutting - The sticks of incense are cut in various lengths according to the uses.

9. Drying - Natural drying is the most appropriate. It requires several days during summer and more than 10 days during winter.

10. Adjusting with a board- This process eliminates the space between the half-dry incense sticks and prevents incense sticks from being crooked or bent. Hand-making enables to check even the slightest bend.

11. Binding - Each stick is inspected carefully. They are bound together by a fixed weight to prevent any bend.

12. Packing - Packing is done while inspecting each product.
416-419-9023 GTA /
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SUNday 12 30 2012 NEW PARADIGM Jrgenius interNATIONal sCOOLs newparadimetime -

-Community Currency-Assign those committed to grass roots revival 100 serenity shares.
(This is their asset, vote, cooperative share,score, piece of the pie). Draw up your own constitution of rights and freedoms among yourselves. Keep it closed to those you trust.
-10 points for 1 hour work or equivalent. Make a list of what products and services each of you can offer. Commit to sharing those necessities. Global Cooperative. Starts with you first. Accept your local community currency and connect with others that are locally self sufficient. Unite as a Sovereign Nation of Children of the Light

SATURNday 04 28 2012 = 4/10/5 -= 19 = 10 FREE us from the DRACO VATICAN VAMPIRES of SATURN and SONs. SATURN (lord of the rings 9 ) and his 2 DARK SUNs ATON and SINsaturnaliasun

UNREPENTANT: Kevin Annett and Canada's Genocide
Award-winning documentary film on Canada's Dirty Secret - the planned genocide of aboriginal people in church-run Indian Residential Schools - and a clergyman's efforts to document and make public these crimes.
First-hand testimonies from residential school survivors are interwoven with Kevin Annett's own story of how he faced firing, "de-frocking" , and the loss of his family, reputation and livelihood as a result of his efforts to help survivors and bring out the truth of the residential schools. This saga continues, as Annett continues a David and Goliath struggle to hold the government and churches of Canada accountable for crimes against humanity, and the continued theft of aboriginal land.
UNREPENTANT took nineteen months to film, primarily in British Columbia and Alberta, and is based on Kevin Annett's book Hidden from History: The Canadian Holocaust. The entire film was a self-funded, grassroots effort, which is reflected in its earthy and human quality.
What do you think of this information, and the qualifications of the people involved?

The eternal social struggle toward liberty was founded in the “West” on: Natural, US Constitutional, British Common Law, and is now thwarted by a “Post 911” zero tolerant, artificial legislative law. Under philanthropic tyranny, historically established, foundational, non legislated, US Constitutional, and Canadian Common Law was incrementally replaced here in Canada beginning in 1982.
Governments removed our “bit” from their “jackass” mouth. Deceptive, “democratic”, socialist, legislative dictators abandoned their official oath to the creator, and the defender of our faith. This oath of office was their commitment to hold forth truth, freedom, as well as serve and protect the people of this country. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. Under penalty of death, many have taken a secret oath to “fall down and worship the devil” (Matthew 4).
In exchange for the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them, they treasonously implement the great architect of the universe’s initial economic plans for population control. Under the guise of global philanthropy, radical “sustainable”, “peace” and “safety”, international treaty statutes, rapidly became a new, uneconomic, zero tolerance law. These laws again jump started that old “Ordo Ab Chao” program, railroading society onto the fast tracks of economy trashing, and job killing.
History shows, promises for peace and safety through bureaucratic constructs, inevitably lead to “sudden destruction”(1 Thessalonians 5:3).
The wolves in sheep’s clothing are no longer hidden,but increasingly in plain sight. “By their fruits ye shall will know them”(Matthew 7 15:20).
. “Know the Truth, and the truth shall make you free.”(John 8:32).
Sincerely, SIR GEO, Owen Sound, Ontario

FRIAday 04 27 2012 = 4/9/5 = 9/9-= 18 = 9 FREE us from the BLACK WIDOW, LOCUST, LIZARD and MAGGOT QUEENs from the ABYSS! abyssbugs

U get what U Prayed FOR. I TOLD U SO. jesuspindar
THE LAST POPE WILL BE (PETRUS ROMANUS or Peter the Roman)- POPE PETER... The Catholic Prophecies of St. Malachy, the next pope will be the last Pope Peter whose pontificate will end in the destruction of the city of Rome. notice a very handsome man of the cloth never far from the pontiff's side. That would be Monsignor Georg Gänswein, the Pope's personal secretary, responsible for everything. The pair typically take a daily stroll together after lunch in the Vatican gardens. ( GAG!)
Goddess tradition ( EVE) vs evitapendragon ( LILITH)
Sophia /Magdalene / EVE /Tetragrammaton / LUNA
EMMANUEL/ ADAM / SOL (God with us)

WE have many talents and services, ready to meet all your needs at an AWESOME RATE.
Tutoring, homecare, petcare, childcare, cleaning, odd jobs, handy men, gardeners, construction workers, cooks, delivery etc
416 419-9023 ; 705 254 5823; ;
DANA DESTROYED MOST NEW PARADIGM SERVERS so many links are broken now.
time to get off the -----MATRIX anyway. U will be in LOCK DOWN, if U don't head for GREEN ENERGY land. USE DIRECT CURRENT ONLY, not AC.
BUILD ur COMMUNITY 1 hr = 10 pts, global COOP

 Science Seekers

Age of Aquarius time of sharing between mankind; learn to honor and respect Earth Mother and all of her
splendid creations. Be a part of that sacred way of life. 
Each must be self-sustained and go back to growing our food from Mother Earth. Above all, they said, man needed to go within himself, in order togain spiritual understanding of what would be happening

MOONday 01 16 2012 - AQUARIUS- TIAMAT the MOTHER, the original FAERY PLANet of the OLYMPIAN gods ( Andromedans)LUNALUCIFERA
TIAMAT WHITE moon goddess (moon was a vehicle for creation expts by ARIEL / LUNA / MOTHER / LUCIFERA / SLEEPING BEAUTY)
TIAMAT: Babylonian name composed of the Sumerian elements ti "life," and ama "mother," hence "mother of life." In mythology, this is the name of a primeval sea dragon goddess, the embodiment ofChaos, and mother of the first gods.
Tiamat Sumerian-Babylonian Goddess Mother // Dragons Powerful Allies and Wise Teachers.
Creation Legend: Merodach the Dragon Slayer ( MARduk the idiot, Enki's kid)
Nammu Primordial Mother of the Deep who "gave birth to Heaven and Earth," according to Sumerian scripture. She created humans from the clay (long before Genesis was written). Babylonians called her Tiamat, Mother of the Gods, but in the Enuma Elish, her son Marduk killed and dismembered her to create the above and below. Canaanites also honored Athirat Yammi (which some translate as Asherah of the Sea) as Qaniyatu Elima, Mother of the Gods. Nammu as a woman sea-serpent. She is the waters and the Source, pouring out the essence of life.
Tiamat, the chaos dragon, is the Great Mother. She has a dual character. As the origin of good she is the creatrix of the gods. Her beneficent form survived as the Sumerian goddess Bau, who was obviously identical with the Phœnician Baau, mother of the first man. Another name of Bau was Ma, and Nintu, "a form of the goddess Ma", was half a woman and half a serpent, and was depicted with "a babe suckling her breast" (Chapter IV). The Egyptian goddesses Neheb-kau and Uazit were serpents, and the goddesses Isis and Nepthys had also serpent forms. The serpent was a symbol of fertility, and as a mother was a protector. Vishnu, the Preserver of the Hindu Trinity, sleeps on the world-serpent's body. Serpent charms are protective and fertility charms. ; ; ; ; ; ;
The Order of the White Moon Goddess Gallery Presents TIAMAT Created by Sea Dragon

-The creation legends of the Babylonians tell the story of Tiamat's being wed to Apsu (seems to mean “far waters”) and giving birth to the original deities. However, these children were loud and annoying which bothered Tiamat greatly. Apsu, her husband, tried to convince her to kill them with his help to create the heavens and earth. She didn't agree to do that until Apsu's death. The younger deities learned of their parents plan, and a great battle ensued. Apsu was murdered by his son, Ea, but he couldn't defeat Tiamat. So he got help from his son Marduk who battled Tiamat. In the battle, Tiamat opened her mouth to swallow him as he approached her but he threw a storm into her mouth. Marduk then killed her by shooting an arrow into her belly. Marduk then cut up Tiamat's body into pieces to create the heavens and earth. Marduk then became the “King of the Gods” in Babylonian legends. For the Babylonian sailors, the seas divided the sky and the earth at the horizon. Splitting the primordial sea to create the heavens and the earth makes sense. For the creative power of Tiamat, use Amazonite symbolizes new beginnings bringing you the power to find new paths in your life. (Tiamat helps in mental and physical difficulties).

I continue to build the GLOBAL COOPERATIVE
It is complete and many classrooms, websites can be added on, so that each person can express their TRUE UNIQUENESS

Usury Free Serenity Global Cooperative
Join us in a  New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, Serenity and Prosperity for All.
We are a 
Network of People with Integrity and OPEN hearts, READY to create a BETTER WORLD for seven generations to come.

Form your Community Tribe and choose a name- 1000 points= 100 hrs =100 shares in your local cooperative.
These covenant communities will link up into a SerenityGlobal Cooperative.
Honouring Innocence, Integrity, Justice, SERENITY and FREEDOM for all those WHO KNOW HOW TO SHARE and HONOUR MOTHER EARTH and her Ascension.
Univeral Truth is still being HOARDED for ego and money. Keep it to yourselves then! The Meek will inherit the EARTH anyway! EAT YOUR MONEY! I will GIVE you the true GNOSIS MYSELF, for the sake of SERENITY. Stay tuned....2011...DANA.

The WAY to an A !
A Revolution in Education

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